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Attendance Management

An app to encourage name and face recognition for educators.

As an educator, I struggle to quickly learn and remember the names of my students at the beginning of the school year/session.


Many schools have learning and student management systems, but most of those systems are not geared to help you quickly learn and remember student names.

Names & Faces is a tablet app that uses proven memorization techniques to help you remember student names faster.

My Role

Lead Designer, Part-time Project Manager

Team + Stakeholders
CTO, 2 Developers, educators (K-College)


Educator Survey
  • Participants included educators from elementary school through college
  • Questions centered around how educators learn the names of their students and how long it takes to learn those name
  • Results were used as a tool in the design process to better understand memory techniques that work specifcially for educators

Color can be impactful: Red & Orange have special powers
  • Boosts performance on detail-oriented tasks such as memory retrieval by as much as 31% when compared to blue
  • Warm tones, such as red and orange, have been found to enhance attention and memory compared to cooler colors
(Resources: Science Daily | NCBI)

Improve your ability to remember names in 4 simple steps
1. Concentrate: actively listen to the person
2. Repeat: use the name immediately and repeat regularly
3. Associate: make connections using word association
4. Review: go over names at the end of the day
(Resources:  | Forbes | CNBC)



  • Interactive seating chart keeps names and faces in view
  • Take roll with names and faces to match those in their seats for quick and repetitive recognition
  • Student Profile allows you to enter Learning Level, mark a student chatty or disruptive, enter notes, and review attendance
  • Seating Chart builder
  • Auto-assign seats based off Learning Level, chattiness, and if the student tends to be disruptive
  • Switch between Chart View and augmented reality Desk Vie
  • First Day Student Check-In mode - great for large classes for students to confirm their info and check in for the clas
  • Bluetooth enabled check-in - for older students with bluetooth enabled phones, auto check-in when you get to clas
  • Google Classroom and student learning systems integration

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