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Case Study Deep Dive

Redesign and reimagine  to increase engagement, improve reliability, and build trust while keeping it playful and fun.


Through research, I got to know our users’ needs better and focused on their primary goals for job search and on-going career growth. From there, the brand evolved and modernized.

  • Engagement increased by 60%
  • Registration increased by 37%
  • Submitted Applications increased by 26%
  • Seeing increases across the board led me to believe that our users trusted the brand
  • More reliable application on new tech stack

My Role

Lead Designer & Researcher

Team + Stakeholders
CEO/President, CTO, Product Manager, Project Manager, UX Lead, 2 UI Designers, 6 Developers, Data Architect, Content Designer, Sales, Recruiters, Job Seekers, Employers


  • Created lightweight personas
    • Interviews with job-seekers and hiring managers
    • Online surveys on the live website
    • Current user data
  • Lead brainstorms and discovery sessions
  • Usability studies of current and new features
  • Agile environment enabled quick turn-around for new features and to fail fast for those that didn’t turn out so well

What I learned
  • “In the wild” research can be eye-opening, especially to those who’ve never had the chance to be involved with research
  • Searching for a job can be stressful, so be careful how you deviate from normal job search conventions
  • Don’t dupe the users - be transparent
  • “Insider” content is a fantastic way to keep users engaged and coming back for more
  • Show me my worth (e.g. salaries, overall compensation packages) was also a winner, as well as show me how to get to that next level
  • Working on this project was a great precursor to working with recruiters on Cyrus

The Result
  • Culture-match job seekers to like-minded companies
  • Job search and job alerts
  • Personalized career and job finding activities
  • Meaningful company data: company reviews, salary guides and calculators, and career growth advice
  • Creative monetization strategies

Reimagining resulted in increased engagement, registrations, and submitted applications. We took it from a simple job board aggregator to a more meaningful experience with company reviews, salary data, and candidate/employer culture matching. We also successfully launched 1 week early!

Missing the Mark: A Simple Job Search

A quick and simple search that is reliable and instills trust to increase engagement

Geolocation “creeped out” our users which affected trust and engagement

Simplify the experience to a more typical design pattern

Version 1
  • Use geolocation and user data to preselect location
  • Provide two search options:
    1. Search everything at once
    2. More targeted, category-based search

  • The search worked “OK” but geolocation was confusing and did not instill trust as the users were “creeped out” by the technology.

Version 2
  • Add a location text box to the search

  • Engagement increased through multiple searches
  • Increase in registrations and job applications

What I learned
  • Job search is largely based on title and location - make it simple to change either data point

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