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Text-Based AI Sign-Up

Exploration on alternative registration and ecommerce paths using artificial intelligence and text messaging.

As a customer, I want to create my personalized mental health profile without downloading a mobile app or sitting in front of the computer for a long period of time. 


Use text messaging, machine learning, and AI to interview the customer.

My Role

Lead Designer, Part-time Project Manager

Team + Stakeholders
Founder/CEO, 2 Developers, Data Architect, UI Designer 


Research was lightweight and based on target demo assumptions for this proof of concept.

  • 3 women + 2 men, ages 25-44, living in the greater Los Angeles area
  • Inquired on their comfort-level in speaking with “someone” about private information over text and how they take care of their mental health

What I learned...
  • Many don’t take the time to think about their mental health, let alone practice habits to promote good mental health
  • Most said they wouldn’t take the time to fill out a questionaire more than 3 minutes long, just not a priority
  • Most were comfortable in answering questions as time permitted

Meet Mical
  • iPhone user
  • Current customer
  • 32 yrs old
  • Works full time
  • Married
  • Children ages 2 and 4
  • Struggles with making time for herself

Mical signs up for a personalized profile on the website, but decides to bypass the self evaluation because she doesn’t have time at the moment. She chooses to have the company text her to continue the process.



Visual Design

Option 1: Personalized, friendly, vidbrant, and simple
  • Customer is taken to this screen after clicking the “Let’s get started” link
  • Tap Let’s Continue button and the next question slides into view
  • Tap the speaker button to answer audibly (keyboard option also available)
  • The charts update as the customer answers questions
  • Tap one of the 6 facets to edit those settings manually
  • Swipe down to view content

Option 2: A bit safer design style, while still capturing the brand

  • Customer is taken to this screen after clicking the “Let’s get started” link
  • Tap the Refine Your Results button to enter settings for each facet manually
  • Swipe down to view content
  • Content cards use color to coordinate with each facet
  • Three actions are associated with each card:
      1. Listen to audio content and music
      2. Watch videos
      3. Read articles

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